How to Boolean Search

Linkedin is great because all users have entered their job titles, making it very easy for you to find the people you need. However one problem Linkedin has is its search accuracy. For example if you were to type in: marketing director. You will get results from anyone who has marketing or director in their job title. This is not very accurate at all, and can make finding the right people a tedious job in itself.

Luckily there is a solution and this solution is called Boolean Search.

Basically what this is, is a range of search commands that can help narrow down your search result and make it more accurate to what you are searching.

Boolean Search is fairly simple and is compromised of 4 commands:

* “” – quotation marks should be your go to when searching for a prospect on Linkedin. This makes sure that it is specific to what you type in. For example if you type in the same job title as was mentioned previously using the quotation marks “marketing director” you will get results of people who have the word Marketing immediately followed by the word Director in their title.

* AND – If you are looking for people with more than one job title for example a beauty professional that owns a clinic. This may help you out. For a search like this you would enter: “beauty professional” AND “clinic owner”

* OR – Potentially you want to open up your search to more than just one job title. This command allows you to do that Search for multiple prospects.

* NOT – This is another important command as whilst using quotation marks can help narrow the search, you may still find people that are not relevant to you. So in the example for “Marketing Director” you may find that there are some Marketing executives that show up. These people may not have the decision making capabilities you are looking for so you might want to exclude them. You can do this by using the NOT command. So the search term would look like this: “Marketing Director” NOT “Marketing Executive”

There is no limit to search commands so you do not have to limit yourself to one. The more refined the more accurate you can make you list.

*One tip to take note of is that not everyone gives themselves the same job title, so taking the time to use Linkedin to search for different titles and taking note of the results will help when you are looking to reach as many people as possible.

If you have sales navigator you will be able to save these searches you have made so that you can keep track of them and do not have to note them down. If you do not have Sales Navigator I would suggest making an excel spreadsheet of all the searches and commands you have made, so you don’t have to remember or redo a lot of the work as you will have a good list to come back to when needed. Try it with your next search, use “”, AND, OR and NOT to make your searches more precise!

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