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Is the constant grind for new leads and business stopping you from
experiencing real growth?

Are you blocked by uncertainty of where and how to contact the decision makers... the key players that you know would transform your network and catapult your sales to a stratospheric level?

Then you’re going to want to hear Declan’s story of how he turned a small four-figure investment into £220,000 (still rising fast)!!

It Began with Drudgery and Chaos: The Daily Grind For Leads

The leads were coming in one by one, but each one took a deep toll. Not just in terms of budget cost, but they were a constant worry in the back of his mind.

The real toll was that it was taking valuable time from both him and his team.

The mental cost, and the cost to the productivity of him and the entire department.

Oliver, the team’s appointment maker, did his level best managing new leads and business. He did cold outreach.

But the calls were tough, the process inefficient, and no one is immune to constant rejection.

If you counted the whole sea of potential high value relevant leads, it added up to well over 10,000!! They simply didn’t have the workforce or the time to get to them all effectively, no way. Even if they did, with this way of working, Declan was sick of managing resources far more precious and limited than money.

Quality work.

The exciting and effective work actually began when someone replied. When a conversation started with someone potentially interested. Someone who they could really help and get excited about moving forward with.

Then Declan was on solid ground and could do what he did best: building relationships, rapport and trust.

But the constant daily grind was gouging his mind and body of energy. And who was to say the knock-on effects of the stress and exhaustion in the future?

How long could he keep this up?

How much of this was he taking home with him every day?

His daughter’s 18th birthday was around the corner, and he wanted to be able to let rip with a surprise party that would light her up with joy for months.

He sighed again.

Clients loved the service he did for them.

But getting quality interested leads was costing the team everything.

Rapid Transformation, Growth And ROI

Skip to four weeks later.

Declan was staring at the screen. Not exactly in disbelief...

That would suggest that he hadn’t had an inkling of how well he’d thought this would work.

And with over a decade in marketing and content, he immediately spotted a winner when Alex had explained the three-step system to getting a consistent flow of interested leads coming to him. But still, the reality of his inbox constantly delivering genuine interested leads was just staggering to fully take in.

It was full…

No, FLOODED with the exact right high value decision makers.

And the best thing?

Neither Declan nor his team had lifted a finger to approach them. Thanks to Inonda, THE CLIENTS had approached HIM! As the full extent of the meaning sunk in, Declan took a breath, and let it go, along with the whole tornado of stress and tension that came with it.

No more cold calling.

No more 24/7 worry about the ppc campaign being cost effective.

No more feelings of tight dread when he thought about the future leads, he and his team had to wrench on to the deck of his business.

The big fish they’d worked so hard to land before were basically leaping right into his arms of their own accord.

It was time to enjoy the best part of the process: talking to interested high value people he knew he could genuinely help. People who fundamentally saw value in what he offered.

The grind was dead.

It was time to get to business.

The next few months were almost unrecognisable from the previous years of business.

Instead of turning up to the office full of uncertainty and loathing of the painstaking lead gen work…

Declan found himself excited and happily driving to meetings, taking calls and replying to enquiries from key players who had messaged him
EXACTLY the right enquiry to show they were a great potential match.

Instead of constantly having to hassle and bother high level executives with ineffective cold calls, he simply logged in and replied to the incoming questions and requests of the very same high level decision makers!

Rather than pitching for clients, it was almost a complete 180 degree turn… it was him responding to the incoming messages of potential deal makers.

Concrete and Irrefutable Results, And Something Even Better...

The numbers showed the full financial impact, although they couldn’t articulate the real heart of the transformation.

A total of £6,000 investment had returned over £220,000 in new business.

And that was just so far.

With a new deal coming through it would soon be £220,000. The future was looking far more stable and certain than it ever had before.

But the real victory was getting his time back. Leaving the grind behind like a distant nightmare…

And also, peace of mind about the future.

He now had what he called a “membership community” of real, highly valuable and interested connections to engage and interact with. These were high level contacts, each one a possible new long-term customer.

It was like having a virtual club of interested potential clients.

And the thing that he still had to pinch himself about?

There were over four thousand of these contacts in his little club.
Four thousand!

Instead of dreading where to find them all, his only problem now was
developing the most efficient method of tapping into them all!

He could take his time to create a deep level of branding that really had
meaning with his audience.

It was time to give Alex and his team another call…

The Magic That Made It All Happen

So, what shifted Declan from a business that had him stressed out
scratching uncertainly for new business... to a flood of high level leads
waiting for his response?

The answer?

Alex and his team at Inonda Marketing.

Their impact was game changing, to put it lightly.

Within four weeks they had reached out to fourteen thousand high-level
targeted individuals.

It was eye watering to think how long and wearisome that would have been to achieve with his own team.

Not to mention the ease and speed with which it had been done.
Alex had immersed his team in the process of reaching out using a
stunningly simple and effective 3-part system.

The results?

Instead of trawling through searches for data, Declan and his team now
focus on far higher leverage work: bringing home the stream of qualified and interested leads Inonda sends them.

I Want Zero-Grind Targeted Leads! What Now?

If you’d like to hear how the same system can work for you, let Alex talk you through and explain the simple 3 steps to results on a no-strings 7-minute phone call today.

By the way, Declan has got two more departments to sign up and use
Inonda, who have both got the same powerful results. He knows that when you find a winner, it’s a no-brainer to focus on multiplying results.

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