Meet The Team



Alex has a passion for business and communication. A habitual entrepreneur from a young age. He started INONDA to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Helping 100's of companies excel their presence across the online medium.



Also known as the amazing Irfan. Irfan has the ability to simplify processes and execute them on demand. With a background in running campaigns for large digital agencies, he achieves nothing short of excellence. Over 100+ campaigns and counting



Declan ran 2 successful start ups before heading up partnerships for one of the fastest growing start ups in the UK. Running campaigns for some of the most well known business brands, he know what works.



Sue's background is working in schools gifts her with the ability to break down each part of the process to our customers so they feel confident every step of the way. She also keeps the whole team smiling everyday!


Digital Relations

Andrew built his experience working in leading financial firms before moving into digital business development for his own ventures. He has generated clients millions of pounds worth of real world value.


New Business 

Driven and focused. Two words that best describe Aron who has helped Inonda successfully grow and enter into new business relationships that have been a win/win for everyone involved.  


 In addition to our dedication to excellence, and to all of our clients' satisfaction, being environmentally conscious is of paramount importance to us.


As a result, we have implemented eco-friendly measures and charitable efforts that we hope will make a difference in our community.

Although we maintain an office in London, we allow all of our core employees the option to telecommute. Thus cutting down on transportation reducing greenhouse and harmful emission gases.

Paper printing is kept to an absolute minimum, and we strive to ensure energy usage is maintained at a reasonable level. We are pleased to announce our plans to donate a percentage of all new project profits to a conservation charity of your choice. This way, you can help make a difference as well!

Contact us now and learn how you can take your online presence to the next level while making a difference in today's environmental conscious society.

What Does INONDA Mean?

We are a London based Digital Agency. Inonda is Italian for "Live on Air" most commonly used in radio. As a digital advertising company we felt it fitting to pay homage to the first form of mass communication which enabled companies to promote their products and services at scale.

This has been a driving factor of our company which has been built upon time tested principles that work, whilst utilizing our own creativity and latest technology to provide an unrivaled service that puts out customers first.