How to Generate Network Without Stepping Outside Your Front Door

Now more than ever, having a strategy that can be executed immediately for your digital professional network is important for your business to keep moving forward.

We are putting our best foot forward and helping companies with our expertise during these times to help accommodate this change in work behaviour.  

As a team we have been used to working remotely for over 4 years. In that time we have still been able to network, have face to face meetings and grow without the need to step out the front door! (Although we still do like to every now and then)

With that being said we were thinking about ways we could help to give back to our community and have put together a guide on how we network online in the hopes that it will help you as a business to get through these difficult times and continue business as usual.

For ease of use we have split this guide into 3 key areas:

  • How to Have Face to Face Meetings Remotely
  • Making it Easy for Your Prospects to Book a Meeting With You
  • Reach Out to New People... More Importantly Let New People Reach You!

Part 1:

How to Have Face to Face Meetings Remotely

The biggest change that has occurred recently is that many face to face, networking, and conference events have been postponed. This has left many people feeling at a loss as the ability to meet someone can be one of the most exciting aspects of business! 

Face to Face meetings can still take place with a laptop, webcam and internet connection. 

The good news is that there is a whole host of video conferencing software that can be used to create an environment similar to face to face. Do not take our word for it, the fact that Zoom which is the most popular video conferencing software has risen by 275% shows that a lot of people are warming to this new way of conducting meetings.

Below are a few options you can choose from that we personally use: 

- Paid version is relatively inexpensive and allows up to 100 people in a room
- Professional software and one of the most well known

- Requires software to be downloaded which can cause difficulty connecting with certain people (rare)
- Limited talk time on the free version to 45 mins 


- Free version has no time limit
- Does not require user to install any software
- Paid version allows you to brand with your company logo

- Only 4 people allowed at once during the free version
- Sometimes image quality can get a bit pixelated 

Google Hangouts

- Free version has no time limit
- Does not require user to install any software

- You need a gmail account to use 

Part 2:

Making it Easy for Your Prospects to Book a Meeting With You

Sometimes you can find yourself in a perpetual back and fourth trying to secure a time to meet that matches with both yours and the person you want to meets calendar. This will be a thing of the past with this meeting booking platform that will show all of your availability and allow anyone you want to book a time that is convenient to them.


- One of the most well known meeting booking software
- Has a free version 
- Connects with zoom to automatically send a link to the video conference

- Does not book directly into your prospects calendar without the accepting by email
- Can be a bit tricky to set up


- Allows you to add a list of available times directly into an email
- More advanced tools such as email sequencing

- Is a costlier solution that most

You can watch a run through of how to set up the meetings and video conference platforms below:

Part 3:

Reach Out to New People... More Importantly Let New People Reach You!

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to online networking, Linkedin reigns supreme!

With that being said there are 3 key areas that need your focus to make sure you can start your networking journey online. It is important to note that by executing in these 3 areas will not only allow you to reach out to people, but let people reach out to you!

I have listed all 3 of them here:

Create a Stand Out Profile

Using Linkedin search functionality

Starting the conversation

We hope you have enjoyed the guide. Remember we are in this together so do feel free to reach out directly on

If you want to understand in greater detail how to execute a strategy on Linkedin in the quickest amount of time then please book a FREE Strategy call below: