Self Promotion

What will be your contribution? Taking the time to provide value, over self promotion.

Articles and posts appear on your profile feed daily (or at least they should). Keeping in mind that the people you connect with will look at your profile, having articles that provide value and demonstrate thought leadership will boost the chances of securing that prospect as a lead further down the line.

Articles are thought pieces so are generally longer, and when produced an alert goes out to many contacts of yours, prompting them to take a look.

Few ideas on articles you can produce:

* Problem vs Solution – outline a problem you faced and what solution you found
* Guides – How Tos – to demonstrate your expertise
* Research and Analysis
* Exploring a Point of View

Images will attract more eyes to your post, here is a source for you to choose from: Click here

Posts tend to be shorter and can include images, videos, links. We have a guide on how to post here: 5 Categories of Posting


Tip – Engagement Groups

Have your team and any partners join a messaging group where you actively like, comment, share the content you do post. This will make it stand out and also encourage more conversation.