How to Connect With Clients on LinkedIn

How to Successfully Connect With Potential Clients on LinkedIn

When it comes to forming connections with potential clients, there is no better place to do that than on LinkedIn, where 80 percent of B2B leads originate from. However, just because there are millions of people using this popular social media platform, that does not mean that you can effortlessly cast your line out into its waters and expect to real in an abundance of fish. Using that method is how you end up with a lot of poor-quality connections that don’t lead you anywhere. 

In order to get the most value out of your professional LinkedIn account, you need to know how to connect with people in a way that actually makes them more likely to continue engaging with you after the initial connection. Start doing this by following these best practices for connecting with potential clients. 

Give It a Personal Touch

It is incredibly tempting to take the easy way out and simply use LinkedIn’s standard message when trying to connect with people. However, this does not provide any added value to connecting with your account, which means that the client will have no reason to interact with you any further after accepting the initial connection request. 

In order to have the best chance at maintaining an ongoing professional relationship, you need to provide some added value by taking the time to write out a personalized message to the individual when trying to add them as a connection.

Save the Selling For Later

A big mistake that a lot of businesses make on LinkedIn is that they jump straight to trying to sell the client on their products or services. However, the only thing that this is going to do is cause the potential clients to become turned off by the aggressive selling tactics being used. 

A much better way to do it is to try and form a professional connection before beginning to sell anything. After you have learned a bit more about the potential client and what their needs and status are, you will be in a much better position to try and soft sell them. 

Use Selective Tagging

When simply posting content on LinkedIn, there is a fairly low chance that a specific potential client might see it, especially if that client follows hundreds of other people on LinkedIn as well. A good way to ensure that they definitely see it and may even respond or react to it is by tagging them in it. 

However, this is a tactic that should be used very carefully as it can cross the line into becoming “spammy” really fast. So, if you happen to be publishing a piece of content that is closely related to the potential client, then you should tag them in it to try and form a closer connection with them. 

Using these tactics will help to establish a successful connection with a lot more potential clients. To help further your LinkedIn account’s success even more, contact our team of professionals today.