Linkedin Basics

6 Lessons Easy

About this course

A short beginners guide to navigating through the main features of Linkedin. This has been structured to get beginners up and running as quickly as possible. Enjoy!

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Course Structure

A brief run through of your profile and how to make changes

A quick look at your profile and how to make changes

Posting Status Updates

How to keep your network up to date with the latest content you want to share

How to search, filter and respond to messages

Understanding how to take care of the messages that flow into your inbox

Check out your network

How to access your new connections and ways to filter them for easy navigation

Managing Notifications on Platform and Phone

Select what you receive notifications on Linkedin's notification tab and on your phone

Managing Notifications you receive by email

Take a moment to select which notifications are important to you, so you only receive updates that are worthwhile!