Make a Good First Impression With the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

Every good business owner knows that first impressions are a big deal since they can often be the basis for customers forming lifelong opinions regarding how they feel about certain brands. If a customer does not feel a sense of trust or loyalty towards a company, then they are far less likely to engage in business with them. With reports showing that businesses have only seven seconds to form a first impression, this is not an area where companies can afford to make a mistake. 

Nowadays, first impressions are almost always formed online since the vast majority of customers Google a business before ever purchasing anything from them. Therefore, every business needs to ensure that they have a solid social media account that is helping them create a good first impression. 

A big part of this is choosing the perfect photo to be the profile picture for their LinkedIn account. Since this is a place of professionals, it takes a good photo to move the needle for the majority of potential clients. Here is how a business can help ensure that they have the perfect LinkedIn profile picture so that they can begin forming the best first impression possible. 

Make It High-Resolution

If a customer clicks on your LinkedIn account and is met with a blurry photo, then this is not going to bode well for your business. A low-resolution photo demonstrates that you either pay very little attention to your LinkedIn account or you do not have the time or resources to capture and upload a high-quality photo. 

Either way, this is not something that you want to communicate to your potential clients or customers. That is why you need to ensure that your profile picture is a high-resolution image. While you do not necessarily need to make it 20,000 x 20,000 pixels, having anything smaller than 400 x 400 pixels is not going to cut it. 

Fill Up the Frame

Another thing you want to avoid is the photo being too small. Having a small profile picture is going to force clients to try and squint and get closer to the screen in order to see what your profile picture even contains. Regardless of whether the picture is of the company founder, various team members, or the company logo, it should fill up a minimum of 60 percent of the frame. You don’t want your clients to have to get their glasses out to get a better sense of your company. 

Take Advantage of Filters

While filters are a big part of other social media platforms such as Instagram, not many people know that they are present in LinkedIn as well. These filters present an opportunity for businesses to perform slight adjustments to their profile pictures to optimize their appearance. 

Therefore, even if someone does not have a very good understanding of Photoshop or any other kind of photo-editing software, they can simply upload a photo to LinkedIn, apply one of the various filters, and create a polished profile picture.

By following these various tips, you can choose a great LinkedIn profile picture to start off on the right foot with potential clients. To get further assistance in setting up and operating the ideal corporate LinkedIn account, contact our team of professionals today. 

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