Performance Based Advertising

What makes us unique?

We use a combination of experience and the latest advancements in technology. This enhances the ability of our Ad Managers and improves what can be achieved through manual means alone. 

We utilise cross platform promotion to ensure we are getting the highest quality and lowest cost for your ad campaigns.

Step 1

We get one of our team to discuss your current business goals, marketing initiatives, target audience, competition and any relevant information needed to run a successful campaign for your business. We believe customer service is just as important as results and key to building genuine long lasting relationships that flourish. You are priority and will be treated as such.

Step 2

After our meeting we will have an good understanding of what you want. Once we have understood your objectives our team start to put together a strategy that will focus on the most relevant platforms, which audiences to target and the best method of approach. This will be presented in document format as well as a talk through of the strategy and any questions you may have.

Step 3

Once all has been agreed, we will start work right away! You will be assigned a dedicated Ad Manager and given access to a custom monitoring platform which will allow you to keep track of all progress across all ad platforms. There will be regular updates, including weekly or monthly campaign reports, updates on strategy and suggested improvements. Continuous monitoring, managing and thought is what we provide and what is needed for best results!