Redbridge Council Guide: Creating an Executive Community On Linkedin

This guide has been put together with the hopes of being an informative quick start guide on how to start using Digital Media and Linkedin to grow your business!


- Linkedin is here and it’s here to stay
- Stand Out with a Brand Enhancing Client Profile
- The 3 Questions You Need to Answer
- Searching Linkedin for Your Perfect Prospects
- Defined Messaging to Encourage INCOMING Positive Responses
- Tips and Tricks to Create Value from Linkedin
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Linkedin is here and It’s here to Stay

Long gone are the days of cold calling with just a number and no details of who to speak to.

Linguistically wrestling with receptionists and gatekeepers to try and find the information you need.

We now have access to a bigger database than the biggest companies in the world had just
a mere 15 years ago!

Why Linkedin is important?

It is the largest b2b networking platform worldwide. Giving you access to professionals
globally. If you work in or own a b2b company, you should be on Linkedin... no ifs... no buts.....

Who is Linkedin good for?

It is essential for companies with a b2b business model who want to find more ways to drive
growth  and generate leads. If you want to become a thought leader in your industry, Linkedin
will be an important asset. It will drive both return on investment and brand awareness.

What is the best strategy for Linkedin?

This depends on your company and industry and what your goals are.

Understanding your business for online promotion.

* Clear description of your company
* USP's
* Target Audience/Target Personas
* Understand Your Competitors and Stay Ahead of the Curb
* Achieve Your Business Goal Online

Profile Focus

Profile Picture - This should be a professional image of yourself.

Banner - This appears behind your profile picture and is a great opportunity for branding.
Including your company logo and tagline.

Headline - This is what people will see next to your name, so make sure it stands out and
answers how you help people. This will give a clear message to those you connect with.

Summary - The best use of a profile is to outline your business and what you do. Define
the features and benefits of the business rather than your role as an individual. This will
allow people to understand the synergy between your business and theirs. This will enhance
and increase the amount of connections and incoming positive responses you receive from
your out reach. Last but not least include your contact information so you are easy to reach. 

The 3 Most Important Questions you NEED to Answer!

Answering these 3 questions will help provide a message that can be used throughout
your marketing campaign:

- What is the main problem you solve for your prospect?
- What solution do you deliver to solve this problem?
- What are the benefits of the problem being solve?

Connecting on Linkedin

So, you understand the people you want to make connections with, but what are the best ways to reach out to them?

This depends a lot on your strategy and method of approach. An initial very short and brief request to connect will enable prospects to look at your profile and decide if they want to connect. Too much information before connection can be off putting and counter productive. This works well in a more targeted business environment as your prospective connection will see synergies in your business and profile that will make them want to connect. However if you are in a volume based business it may be best to invite a person to connect without a connection message.

You can always try different connection methods to see which works best for you and then work around that strategy moving forwards.

Messaging on Linkedin

Once you are connected.

This is great news! You have connected with a relevant member of your target audience so from now on you know they will be able to see your profile updates, whether that be status updates, new articles, and any new movements made by yourself in the industry.

Simply connecting with someone does not leave much of an impression so you need to have content that is relevant to them connecting in the first place! The best move now is to contact them through a direct message.

This is an individual and bespoke message that gets sent by you to your new connection. The message will then be received in their inbox, similar to an email.

“Simplicity is the greatest sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Fortune is in Follow up

Once people start responding to your message it is important to not take your foot off the gas. This is just the first part of the sales process so depending on your product you will want to either book a meeting, jump on a call, or send a follow up email. You have identified interest it is now up to you to follow up and bring the client to a point where they are ready to engage. The sales process has just begun and will rarely be closed by a linkedin message alone, so keep this in mind when interest does start to come through.

Additional Ways to Create Value from Linkedin
● Joining Groups
● Starting a group
● Following a hashtag
● Using hashtags in your post
● Get involved in conversations
● Linkedin Advertising

Let us help you unleash the power of Linkedin!

Most companies either spend too little or nothing at all online, so they miss out on one of the most important ways to increase revenue and scale their business. We help solve this problem by offering a fully managed performance based model that allows people to benefit from online.

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What People Say About Us

Karl Davies
Partner & Chief Business
Development Officer
St James Place

We were introduced to Inonda by referral, with an aim to try and solve a problem we had – generating
leads via means other than telephone calls.

Inonda has been very adaptable to our needs and have already started to generate revenue for the firm through the appointments they
have made.

The experience thus far has been very slick and we hope to continue our fruitful relationship for a
long time.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Inonda to anyone looking to generate sales appointments for their business.

Rosalie Nicholson
Marketing Manager

We approached Inonda because we needed support with building a social media presence in the UK and also with B2B lead generation.

Inonda helped us with the latter by managing Linkedin/Sales Navigator profiling and messaging prospects which generated a lot of interest.  The social media side of things went very well too.

All in all they had some great ideas, were passionate and great at implementing everything we discussed in an efficient systematic way.  It was a pleasure to work with them and I would wholeheartedly recommend Inonda to anyone who needs help with inbound marketing, lead generation, automation and social media.

Kit James

I first met Inonda though a referral on Linkedin and to be honest was a little sceptical about the service that he offered.

However, after a few conversations I decided to give it a go and am so glad that I did. Put simply I wanted to widen my contacts base so that I could grow my business to the next level without just relying on my existing connections .

The team were very clear in not over promising but, as a result of working with them for the last few months, I have seen my business grow steadily and have had an excellent return on my investment. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Inonda approach.

Moving forward Inonda will be a central plank of my marketing strategy.


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