Looking for ways to introduce your company…Your LinkedIn Profile could be the right place!

Linkedin is the biggest B2B platform for a reason. If you are looking for a way to introduce your company, mastering this social network with close to 600 million users globally, is essential.

Make sure that what you do and how your company creates value for the customer shines on your profile.

What are your Linkedin assets?

Profile Picture – This should be a professional image of yourself, preferably of the top half of your body, shoulders and face. Smartly dressed with a clear photo image will help increase the chances of you being taken seriously.

Banner – This appear behind your profile picture and is a great opportunity for branding. Including your company logo and tagline, potentially the key benefits and contact details. This can be done quite easily on canva.com as they are free to use, already have templates, and the correct dimensions to get you started.

Headline – This is what people will see next to your name, so make sure it stands out and answers how you help people. This will give a clear message to those you connect with as to what you can provide them.

Summary – Many profiles on Linkedin use this space similar to an introduction piece on a CV. This will not help new prospects understand why you will benefit them. Instead use a client facing approach, where you speak directly to your target persona. This will include speaking about the benefits your clients have when using your product of service. Including contact details at the bottom will help with this also.

The 3 Most Important Questions you want to Answer before adding these details:

Answering these 3 questions will help provide you with a message that can be used all throughout your marketing (and included in your profile summary) to introduce yourself and company

    • What is the main problem you solve for your prospect?
    • How do you solve this problem?
    • What are the benefits of this problem being solve?

Speaking directly to your target audiece who browse your profile, that resonates with their needs will leave a lasting first impresion. Your future customer is searching for the value you offer and this is the perfect spot to shout out about it!