Karl Davies
Partner & Chief Business Development Officer

Morrinson Wealth Management

We were introduced to Inonda by referral, with an aim to try and solve a problem we had generating leads via means other than telephone calls.

Inonda has been very adaptable to our needs and have already started to generate revenue for the firm through the appointments they have made.

The experience has been very slick and we hope to continue our fruitful relationship for a long time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Inonda to anyone looking to generate sales appointments for their business.

Rosalie Nicholson
Marketing Manager

We approached Inonda because we needed support with building a social media presence
in the UK and also with B2B lead generation.

Inonda helped us with the latter by managing Linkedin /Sales Navigator profiling and messaging prospects which generated a lot of interest. The social media side of things went very well too.

All in all they had some great ideas, were passionate and great at implementing everything we discussed in an efficient systematic way. It was a pleasure to work with them and I would wholeheartedly recommend Inonda to anyone who needs help with inbound marketing, lead generation, automation and social media.

Kit James

I first met Inonda though a referral on Linkedin and to be honest was a little sceptical about the service that he offered. However, after a few conversations I decided to give it a go and am so glad that I did. Put simply I wanted to widen my contacts base so that I could grow my business to the next level without just relying on my existing connections.

The team were very clear in not over promising but, as a result of working with them for the last few months, I have seen my business grow steadily and have had an excellent return on my investment. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Inonda approach.

Moving forward Inonda will be a central plank of my marketing strategy.

Marco Essomba
iCyber Security

I met the team during a talk they gave at an event. I had already been a regular user of Linkedin however wanted to offload the time commitment to a team I could trust.

The Inonda team were amazing to work with. They helped me reach out to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. If you are in the B2B space and are looking to generate leads, raise brand awareness, or
position yourself as a thought leader in your space, then I have no hesitation in recommending the Inonda team!

Conor Dempsey

As a Google Premier Partner,  was looking to attract net new customers to help grow our business within the UK region. We currently have a business development team, who use more traditional routes ie our Website, CRM system, Data Base, email marketing, webinars plus telesales, however we were conscious that LinkedIn has become an increasingly effective way of attracting new customers to Fourcast. An existing customer of ours recommend partnering with Inonda, has they had done so, which had produced strong results.Having met with Alex & the wider Inonda team, I was very impressed by their desire to truly understand our company, our brand, our values, our proposition, our structure & our are overall objectives. After a number of meetings, we clearly defined a set of actions, including targeting specific verticals, company sizes, appropriate job roles /personnel & the creation of a clear messaging strategy, to ensure it resonated with our particular audience requirements/needs/pain points.  

Inonda's understanding of the LinkedIn platform, their tools & their expertise ensured we had a strong connection rate, which then lead into conversations, then face to face meetings & resulted in net new business we would not have attained through our traditional routes to market.

Our experience with the Inonda team has been superb throughout & we now consider them an integral part of our sales/ marketing team plus GTM initivayes. As an organisation, we certainly recommend their services as they are professional, organised & do care about our business at Fourcast.

Jedd Barry
Marketing Manager
Media 10

Inonda have been an incredible addition to our marketing initiatives . They have increased registrations, sign ups, stand spaces and sponsorship through Linkedin and advertising. If you want to increase your presence on Linkedin in a professional way, there is no better company to work with

Joe Simon
VP of Marketing
Premier USA

The team at Inonda are doing a nice job on our social media campaign. We now have hundreds of new, targeted
contacts via LinkedIn who are engaged so that we may advance our professional trial programme.

Phillip Collard

Inonda delivered a professional targeted LinkedIn service as requested which achieved the sign ups we
were hoping for. We will use them again for our next targeted campaign.

Margherita Menini
Promotional Manager

Inonda has been really effective in helping me understand and use LinkedIn to its maximum potential. Through its service I have connected with the right people and started valuable conversations, as well as gain a lot of traction on my post. Amazing team to work with!!

Konrad Fox
Open Cloud Invest

If you are looking for a company who puts you first as a client and works hard on making sure your campaign runs smoothly, then look no further!

Inonda have truly unleash the power of Linkedin for my company and so much more. They have supplied me with a consistent flow of quality leads that I am proud to say have converted.

They will continue to be my marketing arm as I scale up and would recommend them highly!!!

Market Matcher

The business has earned meaningful, quality LinkedIn connections thanks to Inonda Marketing’s support, so their expectations have been exceeded and the engagement continues. Bringing in-depth expertise within their field, the team has been a valuable partner. 

Red Team Partners

The team at Inonda have been very attentive to our needs as a company that is focused on scaling and growth. Our big problem was generating quality leads to keep our sales team busy.

Inonda has been able to solve this problem through their service and have gone above and beyond to make sure we are making the best of our online presence. With their ability to execute a carefully and clearly laid out plan, their service has been seamless and without fault. If you are looking at ways to scale then look no further than Inonda!

Niyi Adedoja
Sales Manager
Advanced Mobile I.T

I was looking for a way to engage more customers automatically. I wanted to use LinkedIn to connect with more customers.

I’ve been able to convert some of the leads that came through, so I’m obviously impressed with the leads they’ve presented, in terms of number and conversion rate. They’ve gotten me quite a few high-quality leads, and I was very impressed with the opportunities they provided.

The level of service they give is impressive. They have good attention to detail, and they’re always coming up with new ideas. Even if I stop working with the business, there’s stuff that I’ve learned from them that I’ll be able to use in other ventures.