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How to Build Big Success in B2B Marketing Without a 6 Figure Budget!

FREE Webinar presents expert Alex Sardinha, founder of Inonda, with an eye-
opening look at highly effective strategies to grow your B2B business. Get more
clients cheap, explode sales, and multiply your profits quickly.

Monday, October 8th, 12:00 PM Eastern Time

The Webinar

Anyone can be successful with a LOT of money to sink into advertising and
marketing. You see major brands do it all the time. They saturate social media
with their messages, relentlessly email their massive customer base, and turn
their many past successes into a new one.

But what about the smaller business or start-up who doesn't have $100,000 to
$250,000 to dominate their niche?

B2B Marketing for little or no money can be done, but it requires a certain level of
sharp creativity, experience knowing what works and what won't, and the
confidence to travel where the big brands sometimes won't.

If you are a service provider, expert, have your own product, or have an
idea to sell, you will get remarkable response marketing on Linkedin.

This is the massive social media platform used by the business community. People
come to Linkedin to network with their industry, find B2B products and services,
and discover new ideas and relationships that can move their careers and
businesses forward.

Sharpen Your Profile Page for Sales

Alex Sardinha shows you how to easily transform your Linkedin profile page from
CV to attention getting, client grabbing tour de force. It attracts prospects and
converts them into paying customers. Given the more than 260 million active
Linkedin users each month, it's a fair bet many of the movers and shakers in your
industry are going to see your page. And there is no counting the number of red
hot customers you can develop off that one page alone. The cost? Free to pocket
change. You simply can't beat this solid strategy for converting your Linkedin
profile into a steady stream of income.

Create Your Value Proposition

Everybody is constantly asking "what's in this for me?" Before anyone will look at
your profile, study your materials, or even consider purchasing what you sell, you
have to satisfy that question.

Your value proposition is what makes you or your company attractive to prospects and customers. The richer your proposition and the more value it offers, the more
business you will be able to attract.

Alex shows you how to give your value proposition a laser focus that will build
interest and motivate prospects to learn more, then become your steady clients.

Developing Yourself Into a Thought Leader

Thought leaders have a growing audience of followers who are thirsty for the
ideas and answers the leader provides. Think of the big wheels in your industry.
Chances are they are full of wisdom and experience with creative ideas that
change the dynamic.

Most marketing companies push out ads to attract more customers. But a thought
leader ATTRACTS new prospects and customers with her or his ability to create
interesting new ideas, reveal effective solutions, or offer valuable information.
Alex teaches you how to discover the aspects of your knowledge and experience
that a large targeted audience will find interesting and valuable.

Unleash the FULL Power of Linkedin

This the inspiring training you need to move your business forward in ways you
may not have ever imagined. Linkedin offers a huge audience of millions of
business customers. Even if your product or service is extremely specialized,
there is a sizable, highly motivated cohort on Linkedin who is actively searching
for someone like you.

Register now to attend the Webinar. Get the latest super cheap, highly
effective Linkedin marketing to increase b2b sales and explode profits.

Alex Sardinha


Alex is a passionate and driven entrepreneur with 12+ years in business development and sales. He has built a multiple 6 figure business using a simple set of methodologies which he has been sharing to help others grow.  

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